VGH, is approved by the minister of islamic affairs of Kuwait and Qatar


It is forbidden to kill an animal in a cruel manner or indeed just for pleasure. The only reason being the need to feed oneself, with the permission of Allah, and therefore following a particular and benevolent ritual for the animal.

A ritual slaughter according to the norms of Islam

With more than 30 years of experience in the meat industry across Europe and the Arab World, VGH has developed a unique expertise in Halal certification that ensures Muslims sacrifice without any kind of stunning (mechanical, electrical, chemical ...) which causes an immediate loss of consciousness of the animal. The VGH team is aware of the responsibility and trust that the Muslim community has for it, that is why it has decided not to issue halal certification on poultry and to certify only sheep carcasses and of cattle.

The very strict choice of controllers and slaughterman

The controllers are chosen by us according to their criteria of knowledge of Islamic rites and after having been approved by our board of directors. The slaughterman hold an animal welfare certificate. Moreover, they are authorised by the competent religious organisations approved by the different ministries of the Countries of Europe and the Arab World. The mission of the controller is to make sure that the slaughterman starts his activity by reciting the ritual prayer "Bismillah Allah Akbar" and that his blade is well sharpened.

Sanitary hygiene and guaranteed meat quality

VGH allows you to acquire quality meat to consume safely as long as the certification issued only if all sanitary and hygiene conditions are met. Indeed, the animals whose meat will be certified VGH are sacrificed in slaughterhouses chosen by the board of directors according to strict criteria which respect all the European standards of quality and hygiene and guarantee the taste and the freshness of the products.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

The inspection of the veterinary and sanitary services of the various European states undertakes to control the regulatory requirements for sanitary safety and ensures that the slaughter is carried out in accordance with the criteria of animal welfare. VGH makes sure that the partner institutions are up to date with the country's regulations.

Guarantee animal welfare

The animal has the right to a death with dignity and respect. This is why the ritual slaughter of the animal is carried out in HALAL approved slaughterhouses, which are equipped with a system of immobilisation of the beast respecting all the measures in terms of safety and animal welfare. This avoids stressing the animal and allows to sacrifice it with less suffering.

Slaughterhouses that comply with Halal rituals

Slaughtering takes place in a HALAL approved slaughterhouse which has the authorisation to derogate from the stunning requirement. In other words, these slaughterhouses have premises, competent personnel and adapted equipment, which allow immobilisation by mechanical process and keep the animal until the loss of consciousness. This is the only guarantee for the sacrifice of animals without suffering. After Audit of it, it is approved by the board of directors.

A competitive price

VGH wishes to make this certification concept not a business but rather a control body serving the Muslim community throughout Europe and the Muslim world but also serving the agri-food industry to facilitate the requirements of each. Certification is not considered a kind of business but rather a religious concept, VGH is committed to limiting the cost of service while ensuring a strict and transparent service.



Attendance at the slaughterhouse to certify that the ritual is respected:
– Check that the slaughterman is accredited
– Check that the blade of the knife is well sharpened
– Make sure the animals are healthy
– Start the activity by reciting the ritual prayer “Bismillah Allah Akbar”
– Make sure the animals are well sacrificed


Control that health services approve the quality of the meat.

Check that the halal meat follows the process predefined by VGH during its audit which guarantees that it has not been mixed with non-halal meat at the slaughter site.


After ensuring that the meat has followed the designated circuit, and that the sanitary cooling rules have been respected and after the manufacturer has completed the selection process, then the controller seals the carcass with its buffer -HALAL VGH-

Thanks to our tools, the traceability of the product is guaranteed since it is identifiable from the birth of the beast to the store of sale.


A special team is set to checks the store’s supply and to make sure that the stores are selling the Halal meat certified by VGH.

VGH certifies that Lambs are 6 months old and cattle are at least 24 months old in accordance with the requirements of the sacrifice of Eid el Adha (Qurbani).