VGH, is approved by the minister of islamic affairs of Kuwait and Qatar.

VGH (Your Halal Guarantee) is a company that guarantees through certification that it delivers a halal slaughter of sheep and cattle. The VGH certification therefore guarantees halal certified meat to consumers according to Islamic ritual.

The VGH certification brings together the international food standard (IFS) certification obtained in February 2014, a high quality HACCP quality system, traceability and the implementation of GS1 standards for easy transport and management.

Whether you opt for a whole animal or cutting, the VGH certification ensures your HALAL products and meat with high control.


Professional or individual, you can buy your VGH meat guaranteed in the packaging that you prefer. You have the choice between:

    • Lamb cuts in vacuum pack or film over wrap
    • The lamb in bulk packaging
    • The fixed weight range
    • The further processed range